IBM Continues To Grow

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is among the pioneers and leaders of the IT industry. Despite being in the industry for decades, IBM has remained resilient to competition due to its successful business strategies. IBM is among the best examples of growth, persistence and innovation. One of the strategies that keeps IBM from slowing down is the expansion of its business portfolio.

The IT industry can be highly unpredictable, where a single groundbreaking technology can put an end to the business of a number of companies. Although the industry has grown and changed exponentially, IBM has remained successful at all stages.

Current and Prospective Financial Performance of IBM

IBM has exhibited commendable financial performance in the past, and the earnings are also expected to rise in the prospective financial periods. For the fourth quarter of 2012, IBM reported revenues of $29 billion and a profit margin of 19.91%. The extent of profit margin suggests that the company has a lot of potential for prospective earnings.

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