Strategy Looks to Guard Taiwan Position

Puts dominate activity in the iShares Taiwan Fund, which is parked at a three-month high.

More than 10,000 option contracts have traded so far, versus the daily average of 1,600. Almost all of the volume occurred in a single second, when 4,846 of the September 12 puts were sold for $0.07 and block of 5,270 of March 12 puts were bough for $0.75. Volume was below open interest in September but not March.

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Bulls think it’s time for silver to shine

Silver has been basing out, and investors think it’s going higher. optionMONSTER’s tracking systems detected a strong bullish tone in the iShares Silver exchange-traded fund. Put selling is the strongest theme as trades accept income now in return for betting that the recent lows will hold. The September 27 puts…

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Long-term bullish bet on Consol Energy

A large trader is making a long-term bet on the coal industry with Consol Energy.

optionMONSTER’s Heat Seeker monitoring program detected the purchase of 6,000 January 39 calls for $1.08 and the sale of 3,000 January 29 puts for $2.48. The transaction accounted for almost all the volume in the Pennsylvania-based company so far today.

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Cheniere Energy Draws Bullish Spread

Cheniere Energy is attracting a huge upside trade even as shares decline today. LNG is down 0.9 percent to $14.38, in the middle of a recent range that is continuing to contract. The liquefied natural-gas company was reached a 52-week high of $18.92 in early May. A trader bought 10,000…

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Bears set their sights on Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is drawing bearish option activity today after a new report showed that its Nook tablet is losing market share.

optionMONSTER’s Depth Charge system shows that 2,127 September 12 puts traded in a strong buying pattern for $0.85 to $0.95. Open interest in the strike was 805 contracts at the start of the session, so this is new activity.

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What’s behind big put spread in Lennar

Lennar is back up to five-year highs, but a large put spread tops today’s option volume in the homebuilder.

LEN is up 1.47 percent to $31.69, not far from the closing high from July 6, which was the highest since August of 2007. The stock has climbed from $12.14 just since last October.

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Call seller is targeting Campbell Soup

Shares of Campbell Soup are popping after an upgrade by Goldman Sachs, but the big call spread does not look overly bullish.

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Will Estee Lauder head back to lows?

Estee Lauder is near the top of its recent trading range, and one investor apparently believes that it is heading back down to support. optionMONSTER’s Depth Charge monitoring program detected the purchase of 2,500 September 55 puts for $2.61. Equal-sized blocks were sold at the same time in the September…

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Trader Looks For Floor In Volatility Fund

The VXX volatility exchange-traded note is just above its lows, but the big trade of the day is looking for a bottom. The iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN has just turned positive, now up 0.4 percent to $11.76. It was on pace for its lowest close ever, though…

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Time Warner Cable gets volatility play

TWC is off fractionally at $88.95 in midday trading after touching an all-time intraday highs of $90 on Friday. Shares of the cable provider have been trending higher since the end of November, when they traded just above $57.

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Hartford calls see more room to run

Hartford Financial is rallying off its 2012 lows, and a large option spread appears to be looking for more gains.

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Bears refuse to loosen grip on Avon

Avon Products has been struggling, and the bears are hungry for more downside.

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