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The Most Common and Costly Investment Mistake

I’d like to tell you about a study I read recently. It’s a slim little booklet titled One-Way Pockets by Don Guyon (a pen name for a broker). The book, which was first published in 1917, covers some studies he did on the trading behavior of accounts at the time. What he found was timeless. […]


If The Economy Is Improving….

Everywhere you turn these days, someone is proclaiming that the economy is improving.  Barack Obama is endlessly touting the “improvement” in the economy, the mainstream media is constantly talking about “the economic recovery” and an increasing number of Americans seem to be buying into this line of thinking.  A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found […]


A Foundation to an Investment Philosophy

Josh Brown had a fun post up yesterday about his Twenty Common Sense Investing Rules. While I would probably frame some of the points differently and don’t necessarily agree with all of them there is plenty of utility in the post. Josh’s number 4; The moment a stock disappoints you or makes you wish you […]


As Gold and Silver Prices Change, Some Resources to Consider

The new trading year began yesterday with market participants pricing in new economic risk concerns directly impacting the price for gold and silvercontracts on COMEX. Our February gold contract was up 2.2% yesterday and continues to trend upward today, while our March silver contract rose 5.9% yesterday, and has fallen back some today. Both contracts rebounded after ending […]

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