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Pick Up Dominoes

Quick, name the best performing stocks over the past five years.  If you cited the usual suspects such as Facebook (FB) Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL) which had gained 325%, 310% and 85% respectively since 2012 you would be wrong. But one name that surprises most people when it appears the list is Dominos Pizza […]


How to Hedge and Protect Your Portfolio

With the stock market seemingly to hit new all-time highs every other day. And the gains are coming in a grinding fashion causing volatility to sink to historically low levels.  Given this combination you’d think investors would be rejoicing.  But instead we’re getting a lot of questions about how protect or hedge their holdings. This […]


Options for Earnings Plays

All the political and policy noise is about to brushed aside by what really matter for stock prices; earnings.

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