The Most Revealing Conversation I’ve Had In Years

The other day I had another one of those conversations, yet something about this one was different.

I met a few friends at my club to play some late season paddle tennis and drink some beers.

While introducing myself to one of the newer guys, he asked me what I did for a living.

From that point on the conversation took on a life of its own.

I explained that my company, OptionBeast, helps average investors learn options so that they can generate some extra cash.

This new buddy is a very typical Wall Street trader in his mid-40s.

But for some reason this Wall Streeter was hanging on my every word.

He wanted to know the secret to generating extra income.

I explained was how there are a few options strategies you can learn that make it easy to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month.

This is a guy who has spent the better part of his adult life trading stocks for a very prominent bank.

How could he not know this?

Sadly, my new buddy, like most people I encounter, know virtually nothing about how options can generate regular income.

It’s probably because options have been dealing with old stigmas for far too long.

Those days are coming to an end, especially for my readers, and now my new bud.

I explained that I was able to generate thousands of dollars a month, in minutes a day, using just one simple strategy.

He just about flipped his lid.

Then I started to see his wheels spinning.

He was doing the math in his head about what he would do with all the extra cash.

He wanted to know absolutely everything, so I signed him up for our LOOT! service.

I wanted him to work off of the exact foundation I had developed for average traders.

It’s possible that in 20 years on the street, he didn’t need to start at the beginning, but I know most of my readers will get a lot out of the 4 courses and hundreds of lessons that come with LOOT!.

Even this morning during a conversation with yet another trader, he couldn’t believe that I was generating this much monthly income with such a relatively small account.

When we did the math, it turned out I was generating about 10-12% per month from my account. A current money market gets about 1% a year!

If I can do it, so can you!

Right now, there are thousands of members enjoying the hours of lessons packed into LOOT!.

And now with LOOT! there are also some great trade ideas.

Just this week we sent out a trade idea on ROKU.

My members could have closed that trade for a 33% gain in just 3 trading days.

If you had risked just $250, you could have paid for 2 years of LOOT! access.

What is stopping you from joining LOOT!?

Is it the price?

Because if that’s the case, remember it comes with a 60-day test ride.

For the service you are getting, I could charge thousands and get it.

But I want everyone to succeed!

Join LOOT! today for just $89, and you can learn everything you need to know to generate your own lifetime of income.

Watch this video and you understand why thousands of traders are following me into battle.

Or completely skip the video and order LOOT! today.

— The Option Specialist

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