Can Coke Refresh Your Stock Portfolio?

Drinking a Coca-Cola (KO) is a trip down Memory Lane for many people. Personally, I associate the taste of Coke with halftimes of the basketball games at the small college where my father taught when I was growing up. He would take my younger brother and me to the games.

At intermission, everyone would crowd into the lobby of the gym and descend upon two old-fashioned soft drink-dispensing machines that were located there, the kind that dispensed Coke and ice in small paper cups. As a child, I was fascinated by the automated process of a paper cup being put into position where first ice cubes would drop into it and then a pre-measured amount of Coca-Cola would be poured into it.

There were no other concessions available, and lines formed quickly at those machines. Sometimes the machines would run out of Coke before you could get to the front of the line. That was the only flavor available; if the Coke ran out, you would have to settle for a gulp or two from the water fountain if you were really thirsty – so my brother and I would make a beeline for the lobby in the final seconds of the first half. We wanted to stake out our spots in line. We didn’t want to have to drink water – or, at least, I didn’t – although there were times when we had no choice.

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