Drive Nissan All The Way To The Bank

I love automobiles. I think, as an American, there is some sort of obligation to have a love affair with metal and horsepower when they are combined and put on top of wheels. As an investor, I have never cared much for car makers. The business is capital intensive and suffers from dramatic over capacity.

I also don’t recall ever buying a stock that was traded on the over the counter market, commonly referred to as “pink sheets”. I have always thought the stocks traded there were micro-cap businesses with very slight chances of survival. These are just not the type of businesses that are going to generate much interest from a value investor such as myself. But, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of being a successful investor is a willingness to investigate all potential opportunities prior to making a decision to discard them to the trash file.

Life And Research Are Full Of Surprises

When I was reviewing the results of my stock screens last night, a five letter symbol (usually indicative of an over-the-counter stock) showed up on one of my low-priced indicator screens. The metrics used in the search and the impressive returned by this business compelled me to look further. Imagine my surprise when I entered the ticker symbol and found myself looking at a quote for Nissan Motor Company (NSANY)! It would have never occurred to me that a business of this size would trade on pink sheets in the U.S. market, but it does.

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