Blackbaud’s eTapestry Offers Analytics for Non-Profitable Firms

Blackbaud Inc. (BLKB) recently launched an upgrade to its cloud-based solution- eTapestry CRM (customer relationship management) to incorporate the automated data services from its Target Analytics division. This is the first upgrade for the eTapestry solution.

This upgrade will introduce some important analytics features to this solution including tools for Data Health Scorecard and Address Finder. These features will specially benefit the smaller non-profit organizations by allowing them to track the donor information in a smooth and cost effective way.

The Data Health Scorecard automates the data quality screening for the non-profit organizations to receive ratings like A, B and C every quarter on the basis of the records in their database. This apart, the feature also provides recommendations for the improvement of database by quantifying the ratings score with the amount of money being lost.

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