Insight from the Latest China Business Survey

It’s always difficult for me to find something interesting to say about the American Chamber of Commerce’s annual China business survey. The content itself is often of marginal value, with only a couple significant trends hiding away down in the data to be ignored by the mainstream press. Speaking of which, the domestic newsies like to tout optimism stories, while the foreign press enjoys highlighting pessimism, higher costs, IP infringement, and so on. This year is no different in that regard, although there are a couple of items worth mentioning.

The Chamber itself has to be neutral and careful with its rhetoric, so you always get the same vanilla pronouncements. Here’s this year’s message from the Chairman, perfectly written to put folks to sleep:

This year’s Business Climate Survey reflects the new realities of operating in China and the associated uncertainty, but also the optimism and confidence among AmCham China members that the country’s leadership is set on reform and that foreign business has an important role in China’s future.

{non-judgmental yawn}

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