Two Important Additions For Microsoft

Well, Microsoft (MSFT) finally named a CEO; as this story has progressed, I’ve come to learn that time is a key factor upon which market participants judge the outcome of the selection process – and that once we start talking about months instead of weeks, they start to get antsy.

Thankfully, we’re past that point – a CEO has been named, and the next round of speculation can begin. While many have clung to what I believe are seemingly unfounded generalizations about Mr. Nadella, people who have actually worked with him are talking as well – and they’ve got some interesting things to share.

An example of the former is the constant reference to Mr. Nadella as a “safe” candidate. To CNN Money, that means “he is not a corporate visionary… and may not shake things up too much at Microsoft.” To Yahoo Finance, that means “staid continuity”. Plenty of others have reasons why he’s “safe” – there’s just not much to sink your teeth into as to why they’ve drawn that conclusion (beyond the elementary idea that anybody picked from inside the company is “safe”).

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