Three Simple Charts to Show the “Doom and Gloomers”

For the past year, I’ve been carefully watching for signs of trouble…

The two biggest potential sources of trouble – the two big concerns I hear from investors – are:
The U.S. economy is “running off the rails”… It’s about to enter a recession… or worse, a depression.
2.   The U.S. economy is about to overheat, triggering major inflation… which will destroy the value of their savings.
But folks who follow my research have been able to rest easy at night… They know what I’m about to show you today…
First, the financial news service Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort Index is now at post-recession highs. This 1,000-person telephone interview on the economy, personal finances, and purchasing behavior is showing signs of coming off a multiyear negative territory, as the chart below shows.

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