Technology Stock Roundup: Facebook Shines, Apple’s in a Mess

Last week saw technology stocks heading higher again, although some didn’t quite keep up with the market.

Unlocking the Value in a Facebook “Like”

Facebook has announced a new service called Graph Search that allows users query-based access to social information in the form of posts, photographs and other content that others have shared. The service showcases the amount of personal and behavioral user data the company has accumulated, which along with its swelling monthly active users (MAUs), could be of great value to advertisers.

The single most important drawback is the quality of a Facebook like. Often, a “like” simply means “seen” or “acknowledged.” Similarly, some sites require a user to “like” them for obtaining discounts. When the like doesn’t reflect personal interest, it could affect the quality of search results the data generates, thereby leading to poor targeting of ads, which is the main concern.

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