Were The Markets Open on Monday?


On Monday the markets couldn’t find anything negative in Europe and on very slow volume they rose for the second straight day. After the huge world rally on Friday it appeared the markets were looking for a reason to relax.

An interesting divergence occurred Monday as both the DJIA and the US thirty year bond both rallied. Many analysists pointed to the German auction of short term notes that were very oversubscribed. The auction   pushed the two year note to a negative value for the first time in history.

The Euro which had advanced against the dollar late last week wasn’t able to continue with the tail wind and gave back about ten percent of last weeks rally on very light volume.

Ben Bernanke appeared before the Senate banking committee for the second time in less than a month to give an outlook on monetary policy. He commented that the road to reaching a better unemployment level was still “frustrating slow” and reaffirmed that the worlds Centrals banks are ready to take any action necessary to aid in the recovery.

We are now in the dog days of summer. The past two years have proved that the market can get active at any time of the year, but historically August is the quietist month of the year, and it is starting out this way in 2012.

The next couple of weeks may be a time for observation, but what do we do if the markets suddenly take off in one direction or another?

No matter what happens the market must leave a footprint and the track will give us the clues we need to take advantage of the opportunities that it will present.

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