Microsoft: No Longer A ‘Boring’ Investment

Microsoft’s (MSFT) multi-market penetration business strategy has given it a place in my equity portfolio and the portfolios I manage. Microsoft has been a leading provider to the business markets, where it accumulated much of its vast wealth, but it has recently taken very strong and aggressive steps to penetrating the consumer markets.

Microsoft is no longer only the company that creates Microsoft Office and our operating systems; it has become much more than that. They’ve realized there’s an enormous consumer market, relatively untouched by them, which can vastly accelerate future growth. In response to this, we’ve seen a shift in Microsoft’s products and services; moving away from being created solely for functionality to being created for usability.

They’ve realized the absolutely enormous mobile, tablet, and e-book markets which they have begun aggressively penetrating. The new Windows 8 platform will be Microsoft’s key in performing a successful multi-market penetration which will give Microsoft lasting market share against competitive geniuses like Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG). Why is Windows 8 so key to Microsoft’s success? Its paramount importance lies in its ability to create an ecosystem for Microsoft’s products and services, which will promote additional sales and customer loyalty.

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